Andy Biersack

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#andybiersack shot by @sedition1216 #shoot #sedition1216 #seditionphotography

So how many of you are from the LA area? I’m thinking of heading out there by the end of this year or early next year and it would be awesome if any of you wanted to meet and such- if you wanted 😜 Plus I’m super stoked to see the @exhibitagallery in person for myself! #bvblivepics at #warped13 Photo by: @steveoshoots #andybiersack #ashleypurdy #jakepitts

This is the solution for life, fuck the people that hate you.
Wait, don’t really fuck them.
Don’t have sex with them, like flick them off.
Fuck them, but don’t actually fuck them. —Andy Biersack (via coffeeandcigarrettes101)
You have facebook? 👍

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Do you have a personal tumblr?

I do, it’s

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You are andy biersack?

I am not.

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And laaaast but not least haha It’s mostly just my photos but I do answer questions there and I upload full sizes (as well as my Facebook page!)

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