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Keep an eye out on @blackveilbrides tomorrow for the pull-out section to see the poster of Andy in this weeks issue of @kerrangmagazine_ on sale TOMORROW.

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How many of you lucky American fans have pre-ordered the album already on iTunes? You get both FAITHLESS and HEART OF FIRE for FREE once you pre-order. So if you haven’t done already, do it!

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#Repost from @vanswarpedtour with @repostapp —- We’re excited to announce that @andybvb, @kmgmt, and @purenoiserecs will be contributing to Kevin Lyman’s @creativelive class on September 27th! Sign up today for this amazing educational experience!!! #LymanCL

#MusicianMonday goes to this man right here. I want to hear what Andy has done for you guys, how he has helped you. Before I get shouted can talk about Black Veil as a whole! Heck, I don’t even care if you write about what Jake or CC have done for you. Hearing heart touching stories about the guys really gives me joy, none of you would have any idea.. Except for one man in particular. :)
Let’s stroke his ego a little more eh? hahaha
Photo taken by: Paul Harries from Download 2012 Festival

Too fucking good #bvbfanart of #andybiersack by @ALFA19987!

#bvbfanart of #andybiersack by @ALFA19987! #wowza

#bvbfanart of #andybiersack by @ALFA19987!

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“Black Fog” poster to buy at

To everyone and anyone interested, I am going to be starting a NEW project next month. If you would like to be a part of it comment your favorite BVB lyric, this applies for my Facebook likers as well. As for my tumblr followers, send me an ask with your favorite BVB lyrics and I’ll get back to each and every one of you with my idea!